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The best spice racks for total organisation

Mar 29, 2023

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Add a bit of spice to your life — and your cooking — with a new spice rack. Choose a kitchen storage organiser from our list of the best spice racks.

Your recipe calls for a pinch of salt, a dash of rosemary and a whiff of turmeric… But where is the turmeric? If you’re having a hard time finding spices in a jumbled spice drawer or cabinet, then it might be time to get organised.

Enter: spice racks.

Of course, there are plenty of spice rack organiser options out there, so we’ve carefully curated a selection of our favourites to shop today. From rotating spice racks to spice racks for drawers and everything in between, you’re sure to find the best spice rack for you.

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You’re sure to love this shiny spice organiser. With its rose gold finish and sleek, refillable glass bottles, it’ll look great on your kitchen counter. It made our pick for the best rotating spice rack because of its smooth spin action — and the fact that it holds up to 16 different spices!

As a bonus, each of these spice organiser rack glass jars comes pre-filled with different spices, so you can get cooking immediately. Win-win.

If you want to save on counter and cabinet space, then you have to try these magnetic spice tins. Not only do they make up the best magnetic spice rack, but they also make for possibly the best deal in our spice organiser roundup. These tins will stick to any ferromagnetic surface, and with a simple rotation of the lid, you can shake or pour your spices directly into your cooking. They even come with a chalk marker and blank spice name labels for you to fill out.

Do you already have a set of spice jars you like, but just need somewhere better to store them? If so, this countertop rack may be the best seasoning rack for you. Spice containers aren't included with this storage rack, but it offers three shelves of storage while taking up a minimal amount of kitchen countertop space.

And don't worry about this rack sliding around; the grippy little feet will keep it securely in one place. All we recommend is that you make sure your spice jars will fit this rack's 7cm-wide shelves before you order.

If you like the idea of a spice storage rack but don't want to take up countertop space, this wall-mounted option may be the best spice rack for you. Made from sturdy stainless steel, this wire rack can be screwed into your wall at each corner. The anti-scratch finish will keep it looking brand new, and with four shelves, you’ll have plenty of room to store all of your spice collections.

Sometimes the best options are the simplest ones. This plastic stair-stepped organiser can help organise your kitchen spice cupboard by making it easier to see which jars are in the back. Though this spice shelf organiser won't really help you save on storage space, it will definitely make your spices easier to find.

Maybe you already have a spice drawer to hold all your spices, but how long does it take you to find the bay leaves or mustard seeds? This handy spice drawer organiser holds your spice jars in place, making it easy to spot the ingredient you need.

And not only is this the best drawer spice rack, but it's also the best expandable spice rack on this list; so it adjusts to fit the width of your drawer.

We get it, in most kitchens, there's a premium on countertop and cupboard space. That's why we’re big fans of this Joseph Joseph Undershelf Spice Rack. This modern spice rack uses the least likely space to store your spices — the space right beneath your cupboard shelves. The best pull-out spice rack we’ve seen, this Joseph Joseph spice organiser holds up to seven spice jars, which are not included.

If you’re starting your spice collection from scratch, you’ll want to buy yourself this spinning rack. It comes with 20 pre-filled spice jars as well as two empty jars to fill with spices of your choice. The jars have built-in labels, so there's no need to purchase your own. Its jars click into the arms, giving the illusion that they are floating for an absolutely elegant look that suits almost any kitchen decor.

You’ll want to take a few factors into account when choosing the right spice rack for you and your kitchen.

The number one consideration you should make is ensuring that the spice rack you choose is the right size. This means not only checking that it's the right size to fit in your cupboard or drawer, but also the right size to hold your spice jars (unless it comes with its own jars).

If you’re not sure what size is right for your space, we recommend getting an adjustable herb rack like this expandable one from Roov. It can be a small spice rack taking up little space or expand into a three-tier drawer organiser that can accommodate very tall spice jars.

You’ll also want to consider how your spice rack will be installed. Some racks can simply sit on a countertop or in a drawer. However, other racks require nails or screws for proper installation. Make sure you know how the rack is installed before you purchase it.

The best way to organise your spices will vary depending on your cooking style and kitchen layout. If you use spices frequently, you’ll want your spices somewhere you’ll have easy access to them. Regardless of where they fit in your kitchen, however, you’ll want to organise them somewhere you can see the spice name labels easily.

Spices do expire, so you may also want to incorporate their expiration dates into your organisation layout. Consider placing the spices that expire soonest at the front of your spice rack. You can also add expiration dates to your spice name labels if needed.

Make sure to get spice refills when they expire, as expired spices won't add the same flavour to your dishes when they've gone out of date.

We love the colour and depth of flavour that spices add to our food, but we can all agree that digging through a jumbled spice drawer really ruins our motivation to use spices while cooking.

That's why you’ll find us grabbing a drawer organiser like this expandable option by Pukkr and a few magnetic spice tins to keep spices in handy reach while at the stove. A close runner-up is the Joseph Joseph Undershelf Spice Rack. And for those of us just starting out, we can't recommend this Cole & Mason spice rack carousel with pre-filled spice jars enough.

No matter which organiser is the best spice rack for you, make sure to keep your spices fresh and happy cooking.

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