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7 Ways to Store Herbs and Spices, According to the Pros

Mar 31, 2023

Lacking drawers, counter space, or cabinet real estate? These expert-approved picks can help.

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Storing herbs and spices can come with its fair share of challenges, especially in small kitchens. Accessibility is key for those who use them daily while a space-efficient solution can be appreciated by all.

The layout of a kitchen will typically dictate where seasonings go, influenced by factors such as drawer and cabinet space, or limited countertop real estate. The frequency in which they’re used will determine where and how they’re positioned.

According to Janine Adams, of Peace of Mind Organizing, there is no right way to approach herb and spice storage. The professional organizer will typically advise clients to sort them in the way they think about them or use them. This could be alphabetical—which Adams finds harder to maintain when introducing new herbs and spices—or by separating sweet from savory spices such as those dedicated to baking vs. cooking. Alternatively, you may want to group seasonings that are frequently used or those typically used together.

Once you have a solid idea of what works best for you, a streamlined herb and spice storage solution will be in order. In need of a little inspiration? These expert-approved picks are a good start.

The Container Store Iron Spice Rack

No drawers in the kitchen? No problem. This cast-iron rack, which sits flush against a wall, is prime for countertops and can be useful in a pantry for surplus seasonings. It's a go-to option for Rashelle Isip, professional organizer and founder of The Order Expert. "This vertical tiered storage spice rack makes it easy to store and view spices at a glance."

Simplemade Clear Spice Rack

For a minimalist option that can live in a cabinet or out on a countertop, Robyn Reynolds of Organize2Harmonize, prefers clear, tiered organizers because they make it easier to see what's available. Without the height, it can be difficult to look past the front row, Reynolds says, and because it's made of plastic it's also easy to clean.

Dial Expand-A-Drawer Spice Organizer

Aline Lau, the founder of the decluttering service Tokimekie, recommends this expandable drawer insert. The streamlined design of the organizer features raised tiers that make it a cinch to grab individual items. It also has two adjustable side sections for a customized width.

YouCopia SpiceStack Spice Rack Organizer

Certified professional organizer Schae Lewis of Mission 2 Organize considers this adjustable YouCopia version the perfect solution for storing herbs and spices. It can be used inside a cabinet, on a shelf, or on a countertop. And "its durable design allows for spices to be easily accessible yet tucked away," Lewis says. "Label each drawer to know exactly what is inside."

Mulush Bamboo Spice Rack Tray

Have real estate to spare? This tiered option might just be an organizer's dream. "If drawers are plentiful, this bamboo drawer insert can keep bottled spices orderly without taking up cabinet space," says Adams, who doesn't like to see valuable counter space taken up by herbs and spices and prefers to keep them neatly out of sight.

Banveno Non-Slip Silicone Liner

For those who prefer to store their herbs and spices in a drawer, Reynolds calls this nonslip silicone liner her absolute favorite. "Not only do they prevent the spices from moving around in the cabinet, but you can use only what you need or want—one row or enough rows to fill the entire drawer." Simply cut the liner to fit your drawer dimensions for a customized storage solution.

The Container Store 3-Tier Bamboo Expanding Spice Shelf

If you’re looking for a versatile spice storage solution that can live on a countertop, inside of a cabinet, or on a shelf, this 3-tier organizer is one to consider, according to Lau. The bamboo organizer can expand from 12 inches to 21.5 inches and allows for easy access.

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