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Best spice racks for 2023: Countertop and wall mounted storage options

Apr 05, 2023

Organisation never tasted better

f you're an avid cook, you're probably familiar with the frustrations of looking for one particular herb or spice and having no idea where it's ended up.

Maybe all of your spices are shoved randomly into a cupboard or perhaps they're hiding under the sink, waiting their turn to be pulled out ahead of a fancy meal.

So, whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, keeping your spices organised and easily accessible is essential for creating delicious meals while retaining some semblance of calm in the kitchen. Not sure where to start?

Choosing the best spice rack for your kitchen can be overwhelming with so many options available on the market. But, by considering a few key factors, you can narrow down your choices and find the perfect fit for your kitchen.

First, consider the size and layout of your kitchen, as this will determine the type of spice rack that best suits your needs. For example, if you have limited counter space, a wall-mounted rack or a pull-out drawer model might be the best option for keeping things organised but safely in their own space.

You'll also want to think about the number of spices you have. If you own a large collection, you'll probably want a rack that can accommodate all of them, to stop you from having to reconfigure with every new recipe that you master.

From wall-mounted racks to countertop models, we've rounded up all of the best spice racks.

CHARMDI's Spice Rack is great not just for spices but also other condiments and oils that promise to take your cooking to the next level. While some spice racks are a little more restrained when it comes to the dimensions of each bottle, this one has room for all shapes and sizes. Store your larger bottles at the back and your smaller spices in the front, ensuring everything is pleasing to look at and also conveniently within easy reach.

GEEDIAR's Spice Racks Organiser is one of the most versatile options for arranging your spices no matter what your kitchen layout looks like. While the pack offers four rows of organisers, each one comes individually wrapped, which means you can stack them on top of each other or space them out around the kitchen depending on your preferences and space. You can also stick them up or screw them into the kitchen walls, making them versatile for home owners as well as renters.

This stylish three level Herb & Spice Rack allows you to keep all of your favourite ingredients within easy reach without having to pin anything up on the walls. A great choice if you like having everything in one place without forgoing the aesthetics, this three stack spice rack comes in three colour options to suit all kitchens. Choose the standard black option to keep things traditional or branch out with rose gold or chrome to step things up a notch.

Dunelm's Acacia Gold Spice Rack might be one of the smaller spice racks around but it's also definitely one of the prettiest. Ideal for anyone with an eye for design or those who have a few select spices to always keep close, this six-spice holder is handmade using bamboo wood and promises a durable solution to your spice storage needs. It's both practical and attractive and promises to look great on your worktop.

Spice racks don't have to be boring - as proven by John Lewis’ Mango Wood Hexagonal Jar Rack. This stylish spice rack makes good use of an unusual design to attractively organise your herbs and spices. Made of beautiful mango wood, it will fit up to eight jars at any time, making it ideal for storing your favourites in an extra special way. Got more than a handful of regular users? Buy two and stack them next to each other.

You’ll likely want to store your favourite spices on your countertop but, for all of the others (or perhaps all of them if you don't cook regularly), you may want to keep them out of sunlight and tucked away neatly.

Rather than throwing them all in one cupboard and hoping for the best, choose an over-the-door spice organiser like this one from Symple Stuff. The 5 Tier Cabinet Spice Rack keeps things nicely organised but also out of the way, with space for all of your extra spices and then some.

Cooking up a curry and want to show off? You’ll be able to spin your spice rack with a flourish if you choose this Habitat 16 Jar Stainless Steel Revolving Spice Rack. Like its name suggests, this versatile spice rack can be moved around according to what's on the menu. For best results, store your spices here by category, with different continent's spices on each side for easy organisation. It also includes the jars for an extra bit of guaranteed matching.

While Kitchen Craft's World of Flavours Stainless Steel Masala Dabba Herb & Spice Container isn't your traditional spice rack, it offers a great alternative for storing your favourite spices in a traditional way next time you’re cooking up a curry.

This authentic masala dabba is best used for creating your own curries without reaching for pre-mixed jars, allowing you to keep everything in one place rather than rooting through the cupboard looking for one particular blend. If you’re hoping to step up your cooking skills in 2023, this is a great and encouraging tool to bring along for the ride.

Belfry's 3 Tier Spice Rack is another great option for storing herbs and spices with condiments and oils together. It also comes with a few other perks, like a hidden knife holder, which can hold four knives, convertible chopping board rack, an adjustable height shelf and movable hooks to ensure all of your storage needs are answered. Made of bamboo, it's waterproof, anti-mite, mildew proof and easy to clean. Pretty much everything you need in the kitchen in one go.

Jiao Bamboo Spice Preserving Glass Jars come in a set of three and are brilliant for keeping a few of your favourite spices close by at all times. While not perhaps the most budget friendly spice rack option (especially if you have plenty of spices at home), they’re a great choice for the home chef who knows and loves a particular selection at all times.

They’re also multi-functional: each Jiao Bamboo Spice Preserving Glass Jar is made of bamboo and the glasses have a firm hold, making them ideal for serving dips, sauces and more when they’re not being used as spice holders.


For a spice rack that allows plenty of versatility no matter what you’re reaching for, we’d pick CHARMDI's Spice Rack. Store not only spices but also oils, condiments and more in this handy arrangement.

What should you look for in a spice rack? Verdict CHARMDI's Spice Rack