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12 Best Kitchen Drawer Organization Ideas

Apr 03, 2023

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Your chaotic junk drawer is now a thing of the past.

In every home there's a kitchen drawer that's bursting with old batteries, charging cords, paper clips, and years-old mail. In other words, it's the junk drawer. But even things that stack or stand in rows pretty naturally, like cutlery and spices, can run amok if you let them—whether you're dealing with limited drawer space or not. But you don't have to deal with the clutter alone. The key to keeping your kitchen drawers organized is picking smart tools to help you out.

The best way to organize your kitchen's drawers depends on their contents. Sandwich bags, aluminum foil, and other paper materials should live together in a labeled dispenser. Keep your chefs' knives in an in-drawer block with the sharpener and smaller knives instead of taking up precious countertop space. Equip your linen drawer with kitchen drawer dividers to keep dish towels, cocktail napkins, and placemats neatly stacked.

To organize a miscellaneous kitchen drawer, start by dumping everything out and getting rid of any trash you find. Group like items together then sort them by size, setting aside duplicates and any items you don't use anymore. (Now's a good time to start a donation bin.) Wipe out the drawer and put the things that belong there back. If you don't have built-in drawer dividers, you can mix and match modular kitchen drawer organizers. Luckily, there are right-sized solutions to fit everything from loose change to lemon juicers. Ahead, we highlight 12 of the best kitchen drawer organizers and explain exactly how to use them.

Opt for adjustable drawer organizers to sort larger items like napkins and dish towels. These versatile organizers can also be used to separate larger kitchen utensils that don't fit in their own compartment.

Ideal for deep drawers that house cookware or serving pieces, this pegboard-style organizer is fully customizable so it can keep everything from dinner plates to pot lids in neat rows or stacks.

Crafted from durable and sustainably sourced ash, this wooden organizer can handle drawer slams and heavy cutlery. It comes in two sizes, both of which expand from six compartments to eight.

While most kitchen drawer organizers are too tall to fit into shallow kitchen drawers, this one is made especially for them. Nine modular compartments can be moved around to create your ideal storage solution.

This expandable kitchen drawer organizer has a removable cutlery caddy with separators to keep your big spoons and forks sorted and a lift-out box for kitchen accessories (think wine stoppers); we like that you can take it with you to set the table. The larger grooved section has room for unwieldy cooking utensils, like graters and can openers.

For those who prefer to grab and go, this utensil organizer features wide slots for easy access. The two side compartments are perfect for measuring cups, timers, and thermometers.

No more spinning an overstuffed spice rack to find the garlic powder with these in-drawer tiers. They keep the labels in plain sight and easy reach—coordinated containers optional.

Customize your kitchen drawer organization with modular containers that nest together. This set ensures that even the smallest of items—like a tea ball—has an assigned spot.

If your pet peeve is opening your kitchen drawers only to have every piece of silverware slide around, this nonskid organizer is right there with you. It even features a knife block to keep your blades facing down, right where you left them.

Rather than rifling through your drawer to find the right size storage bag, keep everything nice and neat with a labeled box. Simply place the existing box the bags come in right in, no unpacking needed.

For longer utensils, choose a diagonal sorter that gives you room without taking up any more drawer space. The small corner compartments are the perfect size for a kitchen timer or bag clips.

When counter space is limited but keeping your knives safe is still a priority, opt for an in-drawer knife block. This extra-efficient one from Made In has two components that can fit up to 13 blades.

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