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Snack Display Rack Stainless Steel Stand Countertop Table Rack for Snack Potato Chip Food  Spice Rack Organizer Kitchen

Snack Display Rack Stainless Steel Stand Countertop Table Rack for Snack Potato Chip Food  Spice Rack Organizer Kitchen

Package size per unit product 50.00cm * 50.00cm * 80.00cm Gross weight per unit product 9.000kg Thanks to out partner ,t;
Basic Info
Model NO. ME012-8
Waterproof Waterproof
Transport Package Carton
Specification custom
Trademark DaFun
Origin China
Production Capacity 500000
Packaging & Delivery
Package size per unit product 50.00cm * 50.00cm * 80.00cm Gross weight per unit product 9.000kg
Product Description

Thanks to out partner ,the reason why we were here today .

Working Process
(1) Load the wood on the feeding cart and place electrode after the layer finish.(2) Push in to the tank and close the door.(3) Start the system: vacuum pump starts first, when it reaches the set limit, HF power starts automatically to heat.(4) When HF heat to the set max limit temperature, HF stop and wait, after temperature falls to the min limit, HF generator starts to heat again, during this cycle, vacuum pressure is always near -0.09Mpa, if it falls below set limit, vacuum pump starts automatically.(5) When the drying cycle finish, the weight sensor will calculate and stop all the system, drying process finish.

Wood machine workstation
Wood cutting technology have allowed customers to dream big when posing projects to manufacturers.We continually invest in our wood CNC services and currently have two 5-axis and two 3-axis machines, all of which are programmed from the office using state-of-the-art 3D CAM software. Here, we discuss 5-axis CNC machining, highlighting its features, differences, benefits, and capabilities.

Stamping Workshop
Overview of the Stamping workshop with cover theStamping equipment from 100T to 800T.Hydraulic Press cover from 50T to 3100T.With the mold(die,tooling) produce by ourselves we can customize all kinds of metal shape according to customer drawing call out.

Welding Workshop

Welding robot with Synchronous workstation introduce from Panasonic Japan ,we had 23pcs welding arm with 64 pcs working stations,sheild welding support by Continuous gas supply station.

The UV-resistant material extends the life of the product as well as preventing yellowing to the acrylic even when exposed to outdoor environments.The acrylic board is scratch resistant and extremely durable.
Simply upload your vector artwork files and our team will have a quote back to you within two business days.Benefits of APQP:
  1. Proper planning and collaboration leads to better quality products.
  2. Always minimizes delays as it can catch risks in the earlier phases.
  3. Improved lead times and consistent production.
  4. Validation guarantees product conformity across different suppliers.
  5. Quality product at a low cost.
At DaFun will laser and CNC Machine cut pieces of acrylic as you like.
Acrylic bending machine, highly productive fully automatic acrylic sheet bending machine for handling plastic sheets up to a thickness of 5 mm
We make flatbed UV Prints on Acrylic of up to 1250 x 1000(mm),We print direct onto acrylic substrate with a vibrant color, matching most Pantone Colors.
Production process:Polishiing ,Bending ,PrintingPacking:Safe Handling and Transportation of Acrylic PaintingsWe thought of what the customer could think and did beyond what the customer didn't think.


So when it comes to the processing of acrylic glass and engineering plastics, we are happy to be your first choice. We have always thought and familiarized ourselves quickly and confidently with new tasks: with every requirement, with every cut, with every series production .Contact our team with any questions or for more information about our professional precision acrylic laser cutting service. We'll gladly assist you. We guarantee your satisfaction with our high-quality machinery, highly trained employees and passionate teamwork. This is quality, reliability and innovative strength made in DaFun. Feel free to convince yourself.
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Team Working Together For Bright FutureENJOY THE WORK, ENJOY THE LIFE.

We will surprise what your want than you can image.We were looking for the future with every customers, all-win was our company goal.


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