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These simple rules will keep your pantry clutter

Jul 21, 2023

Do you ever have trouble finding things in your pantry, even when you know you have them somewhere? In this episode of ITK: Uncluttered, expert organizers Fillip and Jamie Hord (@horderly) show us a few simple tips to keep your pantry organized, neat and easy to navigate. It's easy to transform your pantry with a few easy steps.

"The pantry is an ever-evolving space in the house, so you want to think, ‘categories, containment and ease of access,’" Fillip says.

The duo's first tip is using clear organization bins of varying sizes and depths to sort items into categories. Fillip points out that since so many family members need to access the pantry, it's important to ensure everything is labeled and in places that make sense. "If your kids are grabbing snacks, maybe make sure that the snacks are towards the bottom," he says.

Jamie recommends using rotating storage solutions, like this set of four Lazy Susan Organizers for Cabinet, for pantry categories most frequently accessed, like cooking oils or canned goods.

Fillip and Jamie also recommend taking spices out of the pantry and organizing them in a spice drawer with a tiered, in-drawer organizer. You can organize these alphabetically or by type so they’re easy to find when cooking.

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