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Apr 21, 2023

Your home will be so much more orderly with these smart buys.

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Alas, the advent of spring has come and gone. But hey, the season of rebirth and renewal doesn't conclude until June 21, 2023, and there's still plenty of time to tackle that whole spring-cleaning thing. And whether you’ve deep-cleaned the kitchen or dusted the windows and walls, there's one practically no-effort task you can tackle from your list: Buy some handy organization tools to spiff up your space without even trying.

We tapped home organizational experts for their top Amazon finds—all $30 or less—to tidy up various spaces in your home. Perhaps you’re ready to address the clutter in your kitchen cabinets, or maybe you’re all about getting your bathroom vanity in tip-top shape. On a mad dash to spring-clean your entire abode before summer entertaining season is in full swing? Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered—and sorted, cataloged, and grouped together.


Dawn Falcone, a professional home organizer known as "The Chaos Liberator," calls this "a great item for utilizing the inside of closet doors—and not just for shoes." She suggests adding it inside your entryway door to hold keys, dog leashes, scarves, hats, gloves and small umbrellas, or to linen closets so you can stash all your extra toiletries (soaps, shampoos, razors, etc). "The large, sturdy pockets can also hold arts and crafts, tools, kitchen gadgets, cleaning supplies, or water bottles," Falcone adds of this multi-use buy. Choose from five colorways: white, black, brown, dark gray, and gray.

To buy: $10;


"Acrylic shelf dividers are a versatile tidying tool for your house," says Lindsey Mahanna, owner and organizer of Clutter to Clarity Home Organizing LLC. "They are great for separating folded clothes or handbags on a shelf in a closet and they are also great for keeping linens tidy in a linen closet," she continues, adding that the clear finish for this set offers a luxury feel. Choose from a set of six, eight, or ten (also available in a black finish) for this number-one best-seller in Amazon's shelf dividers category.

To buy: From $21;


"A big culprit for making a space feel messy is cords," says Ashley La Fond, founder of home organization company Of Space + Mind. We wholeheartedly agree. La Fond appreciates that this product "fits into any standard outlet and is the perfect way to hide unsightly cords" and lets you run your cords behind furniture. Several size and style options are available (like one for your TV mount and a surge protector), so pick the one that best fits your needs.

To buy: From $24;


"A lazy Susan is a household tidying workhorse," says Julie Peak, a professional organizer and decluttering expert, noting that this 360-degree rotating version is both practical and also beautiful. It's "great for bathrooms, pantries, and offices. Use it to store spices, perfumes, or cleaning supplies," she adds. FYI: This product is available in various sizes and styles to fit a host of aesthetic preferences and spatial constraints.

To buy: From $17;


"We cannot live without bamboo drawer dividers," says professional home organizer Sarah Dunn. Just a few of the ways Dunn and her San Diego-based team of eight home organizers use ‘em? Create sections in clothes drawers, double stack them so you can create a zone for your underwear that's separate from the zone for your socks, or even use them in the kitchen to provide an area to line up the lids for your Tupperware.

To buy: From $30 (was from $40);


It's time you invest in a hanging closet organizer, and this stellar version only costs $30 and has bragging rights to some 4,100 five-star ratings. "For any closet where you need more space and need to keep things organized, this is your solution," says professional organizer Bonnie Barrios, who adds that you can use this in any type of closet. "It gives you shelf space to store sweaters, pants, kids sports’ items, toiletries, and so forth." We also love it for storing games and puzzles, towels, and spare blankets and pillows.

To buy: $26 (was $30);


Mahanna says this adjustable rod is a great addition to an older closet that only has one closet rod, as it can double your hanging space. "This is also a great solution to bring hanging clothes lower for children to reach," she adds. P.S. Customers clearly agree this is a great find, having left it some 7,225 five-star ratings and counting. "Perfect solution," wrote one reviewer. "I love that it's adjustable to fit just about any size closet space," raved another.

To buy: $17 (was $20);


Why didn't we add this genius storage rack to our cabinets sooner? To date, the handy offering from YouCopia boasts nearly 11,000 five-star ratings."This water bottle organizer lets you store your water bottles horizontally in a kitchen cabinet," offers Mahanna. "This allows easier access to the water bottles and also allows you to see all the water bottles rather than having them get ‘lost’ in the back of the cabinet." Choose from two-shelf or three-shelf options, both available in a standard version and wide.

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Another favorite of Peak's, this battery organizer holds up to 100 batteries of all types and sizes, and even includes a battery tester. It's available in three finishes (white, black, and blue), and Peak likes that the item can either be stored in a drawer or mounted on the wall. "The clear cover makes finding the battery you need a breeze. A must-have for any tidy home," she says.

To buy: From $22 (was from $24);


These bins are "perfect for utilizing inside your bathroom vanity to hold toilet paper, soap, makeup, etc.," shares Falcone, adding that you can stack them inside a linen closet to house face cloths, hand towels, and your first aid needs, or stash them on shelves to store office supplies. You might even find them useful for organizing Legos or other small kids toys, too, says Falcone. "The possibilities are endless."

To buy: From $23 (was from $27);


Ah, if only we had known about this years ago, dear readers. "Keep sheet sets together with these labeled straps," suggests La Fond. "These are a great solution for keeping your linen closet organized and tidy, and preventing you from having to dig around to match sheet sets." Choose from colorful or black-and-white straps to suit your personal preference.

To buy: $16 (was $17);


La Fond says this oversized storage bag is the perfect solution for storing linens, out of season clothing, or blankets and towels. "We love the sturdy canvas, keeping your linen closet, or under bed area feeling organized and tidy," she continues of this durable item made from 100 percent cotton.

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